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    • Have java 8 installed on the vps, dedicated server, localhost or server hosting.
    • Before purchasing any of our products make sure you have prior knowledge of: Minecraft Server - Spigot - Bukkit - Plugins in general and how they work. If not, you can purchase our specialized Technical Support package where you will be taught about configuration, plugins in general, vps management, dedicated, maintenance, backups, MySQL, etc.
    • Our products do not include hosting, vps or dedicated services at this time.
    • 100% of the content of this PRISON OP modality is unique, a product of Mine shop server (maps, configurations, interface, permissions and more).

    • 1 100% configured servers. (FFA BUILD PVP compatible with all versions of Minecraft from 1.8 to 1.16.4.
    • It works on both Minecraft Premium and Cracked Minecraft.


    • Version 1.7 to 1.16.4. Base version 1.8.8. (It is recommended to enter with this version).
    • 15 Ranges configured.
    • 11 Ranks of Staff.
    • Kit selector.
    • Events of chests, table of positions and yunkes separable by worlds.
    • Full access to Skript to edit to your liking and add more characters.
    • Points system + 1 - 1 per kills. Database included
    • Special sounds.
    • Tool to create map and configure pvp scenario see video:
    • Yunke to load, save and delete up to 9 inventories simultaneously.
    • 4 Classes with their equipment and special posicon effects.
    • Auto restart of the map every time you turn the server on or off.
    • All permits and ranges are 100% configured and tested for 2 years.
    • Perks
    • General economic system "COINS".
    • Custom Join Motd (professional message when entering each server).

    Important :

    NOTE: The re-distribution or re-sale of this product is totally prohibited, in the case of doing so, the corresponding legal measures will be taken against the offender.


    $9.99 Regular Price
    $6.99Sale Price