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    • Have java 8 installed on the vps, dedicated server, localhost or server hosting.
    • Before purchasing any of our products make sure you have prior knowledge of: Minecraft Server - Spigot - Bukkit - Minecraft Mods - Kauldroun - Plugins in general and their operation. Otherwise, you can purchase our specialized Technical Support package where you will be taught about configuration, plugins in general, vps management, dedicated, maintenance, backups, MySQL, etc.- Our products do not include hosting, vps or dedicated services. the moment.
    • 100% of the content on this server is unique, a product of shopservers (maps, settings, interface, mods and more).

    ATTENTION: Server with multiple modes, mods and plugins configured to work both in vps, dedicated servers, hostings and in localhost (own computer).

    This is a version designed by ourselves. Which tries to recreate the series of the famous youtubers Willyrex and Vegeta777, developed by HeberonYT in a modpack version and readapted to be able to be played both on massive minecraft servers or among friends with their own unique characteristics that only the Server Shop can offer you.


    • Compatible with versions 1.7.10 (Mods and plugins server that includes resourse pack (special sounds and textures)
    • A survival, plots and pvp server with more than 70 mods and 20 fully configured plugins.
    • Based on the Apocalypse minecraf 5 series by youtubers Willirex and Vegetta777.
    • PLOTS
    • ARENA PVP (you keep your items)
    • NEW DIMENSIONS: Atum (Egyptian) - Betweenlands - TragicMC
    • Dungeons - Underworlds - Space and Galaxies, among others.
    • Unique enchantments, special powers.
    • Armors and weapons from another planet. Magic, pets
    • New animals and monsters.
    • New bosses, new potions, unique enchantments.
    • Engineering items and more than 3000 new crafts.
    • Unique ranks like HERO TITAN and GOD.
    • JetPacks, Airplanes, Animal hybrids ''
    • You can create your own monsters.

    NOTE: The re-distribution or re-sale of this product is totally prohibited, in the case of doing so, the corresponding legal measures will be taken against the offender.