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    • Have a vps, dedicated server, localhost or server hosting. (To put the web into operation)
    • Have a purchased domain to which the page will be pointed.
    • Our products do not include hosting, vps or dedicated services at the moment.
    • 100% of the content of this WEB is unique, a product of Mine shop server.
    • Have notepad ++ installed to be able to edit the web without damaging the html codes


    • 1 web 100% configured.
    • It works both in vps and in web hosting servers !.
    • This preconfigured website includes a video tutorial explaining all its content and how to edit or customize it, therefore it does not include support.
    • An easy to use and very simple website.
    • With custom buttons
    • Redirection to your social networks.
    • Exclusive icons and images.

    NOTE: Important: The re-distribution or re-sale of this product is totally prohibited, in the case of doing so, the corresponding legal measures will be taken against the offender.


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